Haecceity – research presentation, Gloucestershire University.

The term ‘Haecceity’ was first proposed by John Duns Scotus, to describe a property or quality of a thing which deems it as unique or describable as ‘this (one)’. It is an elusive principle and one which many have saught to capture, Deleuze and Guattari reflect – ‘A season, a winter, a summer, an hour, a date have a perfect individuality lacking nothing…They are haecceities … capacities to affect and be affected’

This research presentation focused on recent projects communicating the potential of a deeper and more intuitive understanding of place, offering images and ideas which are thought-provoking, sensory responses to spaces encountered through walking or as Scotus describes as … the ‘thisness’ of place.

Gloucestershire University, Friday 12th July 2019.









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