The Triennale de Gravure, Liège 2020

The Triennale de Gravure will be held in Liege in 2020.

It aims to offer international artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in a specific gallery space, La Boverie.

It aims to put the spotlight on printmaking, to give the public an overview of contemporary trends in print imagery and to publicise artists from all over the world.

I am delighted to be one of the 48 artists selected out of 470 applications to show works during the Triennial.

The artists selected in 2020 are: 

Georges Amerlynck (Belgium),
Pol Authom (Belgium)
Edward Bateman (United States),
Sarah Behets (Belgium),
Derek Michael Besant (Canada),
Preya Bhagat (India)
Paul Coldwell (Great Britain),
Roman Couchard (Belgium) ,
Florence Delhaye (France),
Frank Depoorter (Belgium),
Xavier Duffaut (Belgium),
Camille Dufour (Belgium),
Olesya Dzurayeva (Tajikistan),
Michael Falkenstein (Germany),
Marcelle Hanselaar (Netherlands),
Jiří Hanuš (Czech Republic) ,
Víctor Manuela Hernández Castillo (Mexico),
Tracy Hill (Great Britain),
Wuon-Gean Ho (Great Britain),
Hyesung Jung (South Korea),
Soul K. (France),
Davida Kidd (Canada),
Roman Klonek (Poland),
Janne Laine (Finland),
Mathilde Lequenne (France),
Côme Lequin (France),
Stéphanie Mansy (France),
Vladimir Milanovic (Serbia),
Pierre Muckensturm (France),
Dušan Pacúch (Slovakia),
Andrea Radermacher (Belgium),
Andreas Rosenthal (Germany),
Michael Runschke (Germany),
Stephanie Russ (Canada),
Doris Schälling and Jörg Enderle (Germany),
Andrea Serafini (Italy),
Jia Shan (China),
Masaaki Sugita (Japan),
Lihie Talmor (Israel),
Camille Truyffaut (Belgium),
Itirow Yoshiaki Tsubaki (Japan),
Alexandra Tudosia (Romania),
Mathieu Van Assche (Belgium),
Francisco Velasco Fernández (Spain),
Martin Velíšek (Czech Republic),
David Vieutemps (Belgium),
Ana Vivoda (Croatia),
Ulrich Wolff (Germany).

The exhibition of the Triennale de Gravure will take place from May 29 to August 16, at La Boverie.

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