Multi Matrix – Print Symposium Friday 13th March 2020

Multi Matrix Print Symposium, 13th March 2020, The MAC Belfast.

Multi-Matrix was a one day print symposium exploring the common definition of matrix as ‘the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops’. In printmaking ‘matrix’ refers to the source – plate, stone, screen.. from which the image originates – each process lends unique characteristics to the final product. Increasingly, the environment for art-making is cross disciplinary, combining mediums, techniques and influences.

My paper presentation ‘Matrix of Movement’ – the co-existence of the hand-made and the digital, considers the idea of print as an essential link between the traditions of the handmade, specifically printmaking and the potential of new technologies.
The possibilities of print begin with the matrix, in my projects, ‘Matrix of Movement’ and ‘Haecceity’, the matrix is the underlying platform on which a project develops both in terms of cultural and social environment but also the physical sub-straight on which an image can be created.
Both projects investigate how developing technologies and personal encounters can offer new ways of seeing and shift understanding. As projects they also consider ideas around a repositioning of traditional fine art skills as part of a wider cross -disciplinary approach.

Matrix of Movement – the co-existence of the hand-made and the digital – presentation link.

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