Tidal Timespace – print portfolio

Tidal Timespace | collaborative print portfolio

This international print exchange “Tidal Timespace” will be exhibited after delay due to the pandemic along with Heather Green’s Tidal Timespace: Imprints & Palimpsests.

The first iteration of this print exchange will consist of six US artists and six Mexican artists, and will be exhibited at Ecléctico ArtSpace: Galería Arte Contemporáneo in Guadalajara, Mexico. The second iteration of the portfolio will accompany the Tidal Timespace installation in the UK creating a duplicate project, at which time six UK artists will join the exchange, making a total of 18 prints in the portfolio.

EspacioTiempo de la Marea

Ecléctico ArtSpace: Galería Arte Contemporáneo

Eva Briseño 580, Zapopan, México
January 12–March 19, 2022

Artist Reception: Saturday January 15th, 1–7 pm

Tracy Hill

Littoral Flow, 2021

Stone Lithograph and Monoprint on Somerset Newsprint paper.

Using a combination of lithographic drawing and monoprint, traces of sediment and water intersect and interconnect to show a section of The Mersey River. The lithograph edition is hand draw and printed from stone before an individual trace monoprint is created over each print.

Through a process of extraction and reconstruction, analogue processes of drawing and print are used to decode digital interpretations of existing bathymetric

data. Through this data we can extend, condense, distort and re-interpret our environment shaping our relationship to the land around us. Littoral Flow echo’s the geological and dynamic force of the river using drawing materials such as tusche and carbon to embody sensitive responses to dilution and saturation.

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