[mass noun] the study of the forms of things.

This work explores the morphology of the River Mersey.

Using combinations of hanging paper and refractory concrete tiles images of sediment and water are intersected by a cut and printed form of the river show the navigable route between the banks of shifting sediment famous for making the river so treacherous.

Historical bathymetric charts can now be digitized and analysed using specialist computer software, creating images and information which shape our relationships to the land around us. We can now extend, condense, distort and re-interpret our environment through this technology and the images they supply.


Impressit, The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston – 2013

Antipodean Cuts,The Curve Gallery, Liverpool – 2013

Terrains, Bank Quay House, Warrington – 2013

Statements, International exhibition kloster Bentlage Germany – 2015