Talking Place: Unfolding Conversations – Research Residency supported by Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery Perth

The invitation to visit and participate in a short research residency was extended to me by fellow artists Dr Sarah Robinson, Jane Whelan, Dr Monika Lukowska, and Annette Nykiel after our work was exhibited together in Talking Place: Unfolding Conversations, 2019. This collaborative exhibition explored [...]

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CREATEC and TINAS presentations at Edith Cowen University, Perth.

Technological Perceptions of Wetlands: Enhancing or Removing our Embodied Place in the World? Dr Sarah Robinson and Tracy Hill. The ability to digitally extract the unseen dimensions of a landscape is a ubiquitous tool for both artist and scientist; Lidar scanning technology has revealed [...]

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Imprint – autumn 2019, volume 54 number 2

Delighted to have printed works and drawing installation featured in this quarters Imprint journal. Seeing wetlands: The Overwintering Project and works by Mulkun Wirrpanda, John Wolseley and Tracy Hill Artists whose work has a focus on environmental concerns , especially fragile wetlands, can help effect change. [...]

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Haecceity – research presentation, Gloucestershire University.

The term ‘Haecceity’ was first proposed by John Duns Scotus, to describe a property or quality of a thing which deems it as unique or describable as ‘this (one)’. It is an elusive principle and one which many have saught to capture, Deleuze and Guattari reflect [...]

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Invisible Narratives – Wetland walk with James Parkin

WETLAND WALK & TALK With Tracy Hill & James Parkin TUE 11 June, 13.30 -16.30 Chyenhal Moor Newlyn Art Gallery On Tuesday 11th June I met with James Parkin, ecologist working for the Penwith Landscape Partnership. Together we led a walk around Chyenhal Moor, [...]

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Invisible Narratives – Wetland walk with James Parkin

WETLAND WALK & TALK With Tracy Hill & James Parkin TUE 11 June, 13.30 -16.30 Newlyn Art Gallery To expand on her ‘In Conversation’ with Lubaina Himid on 14 May, Tracy Hill is leading a walk around local wetland, Chyenhal Moor, a Site of Special Scientific [...]

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Invisible Narratives – In conversation with Lubaina Himid

In her exhibition notes for Invisible Narratives, curator Lubaina Himid asks how we can ‘understand a place as it is experienced by those who know it well: what do they reveal and what will they share?’, whilst we ourselves may still try and understand our own [...]

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Talking Place:unfolding conversations

  Talking Place: Unfolding Conversations is a collaborative exhibition between Tracy Hill, Monika Lukowska, Annette Nykiel, Sarah Robinson, and Jane Whelan that explores the significance of wetlands with particular focus on Lake Walyungup; a shallow, ephemeral salt-lake in the Rockingham area known by the local Noongar [...]

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