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They Shall Not Rise……

They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them is a series of fragmentary poem-texts and incantations, invokes the lost landscape of Doggerland and the adjoining Fenlands of eastern England, its flora, and its fauna. It is informed by the lost, deluged landscape of Doggerland, sitting off the east coast of the British Isles exploring the potential of water veneration being central to some hitherto unknown Mesolithic religion, a remnant of the ancient rites and rituals of ancient Doggerlanders.

Hill presents a stunning set of dark, numinous images that at once recall bathymetric scanning technology, and deep insight into the hidden territory of Doggerland which sit alongside the text by Eijls.

Box set contains 8 fine art digital images by Tracy Hill
A set of 18 text cards & photographs by Eijls
A collection of short incantations by Eijls

…lost,    vast waste of mud and marsh

severed by an inland sea

curious-weathered backwaters

a tide of souls         in retreat

from the stolen horizon

the wounds of time               eroding…

Excerpted from ; They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them,

Eijls 2018

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