Haecceity – /hɛkˈsiːɪti,hiːkˈsiːɪti/

(site-specific drawing installation)

First proposed by John Duns Scotus (1266–1308), a haecceity is a non-qualitative property responsible for individuation and identity. That property or quality of a thing by virtue of which it is unique or describable as ‘this (one)’.

In March 2018 I spent three weeks as artist in residence at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery creating a site specific installation consisting of large Limestone drawings created directly on the gallery walls and 4 interactive screen-printed panels.

Commissioned as part of WCAF17 the installation took inspiration from the many post-industrial mossland spaces around Warrington.

‘Haecceity’  is an interweaving of the measured world with the very personal world of sensuous experiences. Interpretations of facts and fiction playing out on a platform, which is itself a constant process of Haecceity or individuation, constantly differing from itself and from anything else.