Maere Panels

This new experimental body of work is part of Hill's developing research investigating new technologies in print. This is an on-going collaboration between Hill and ceramic researcher Dr Alasdair Bremner and was presented at this year’s international printmaking conference, Impact 08 in Dundee.
By building surfaces and layers through the printing of oxides and glazes onto cast comercial concrete the pieces resonate with the hidden geological structure and history of the land.
In these installations the physical presence of the pieces combine with the multi-layered surface to challenge the ideas of the conventional print. By encompassing the use of new technologies and methods it is possible to communicate ideas which exceed the boundaries of traditional print.

These are the resulting work from the collaborative partnership between Tracy Hill and Alasdair Bremner ┬áceramic researcher at UCLan, which has led to a unique opportunity of combining contemporary ceramics and fine art print. 
Using navigation charts and archived historical maps from Warrington Libraries, Liverpool Maritime Museum as well as current sonar and satellite mapping information from The Environment Agency Hill identified key elements and information on which to base the pieces.
Through the application of oxides and glazes the structure of the concrete pieces were created to resonate with the hidden geological and historical elements of the river.   These geological layers found in our landscapes are instrumental to our relationship with the land creating a base layer on which we overwrite our current journeys.