Porosity – Publication

This new publication has been produced to document the research and development of this two year project. Written contributions by Professor Penny Florence and Anna Souter bring together unique critical and poetic responses to the new works. Online version available to view –  https://issuu.com/tracyhill2/docs/high-res_single_pages [...]

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Ephemeral Bodies. Artist Residency AirSpace Gallery

I am delighted to have begun my artist residency this week at AirSpace Gallery in Stoke. ‘matter resolves itself into numberless vibrations, all linked together in uninterrupted continuity, all bound up with each other, and traveling in every direction like shivers’ (Bergson, 1990:208) I [...]

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Carbon Synthesis – International artist residency

My official artist residency period comes to an end, it has been an absolute gift to have so much time to explore and observe this wonderful place. You can follow my full years walking journeys, the conversations, the research and the developing artworks at: [...]

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IMPACT 12 – The Printmakers Voice

I am delighted to share that I have been invited to be a speaker at this years IMPACT 12 conference. IMPACT stands for ‘International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking, Artists, Concepts and Techniques’. Over the past two decades IMPACT has evolved as Europe’s leading academic discourse on [...]

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AirSpace – In the Window

Following on from previous work in the print window - MEASURING STATES #1–#2, artist TRACY HILL presents new sculptural drawing work in our main window space ahead of POROSITY, her upcoming residency at AirSpace in April/May this year. FOLDED FORCE consists of new experimental paper works, where [...]

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