Palimpsest (pal imp sest)

The definition of Palimpsest is one of previous text or texts having been imperfectly erased and remaining, therefore still partly visible.

The images used for this body of work are drawn from experiences of my everyday life combined with memories re-discovered.  I am particularly interested in the inter-play of natural light and reflections occurring in everyday urban environments. 

I record momentary glimpses of light and form which combine with solid surfaces. These surfaces are placed or produced through human activity, our passage through the environment  leaves traces and pathways.  Our interaction with the natural environment form faults and boundaries in the surfaces we travel over and these create projections from all around us which are fragile and temporarily suspended.

With my work, I aim to show our everyday encounters, to be aware of our own journeys and pathways created as we travel our daily routes, to remind us to observe our changing environment when we so often pass through without looking; to bring an awareness of our natural world, the seasons and light changes, the constant passage of time.