The visual imagery is informed by digital data collected through an infra-red scanner whilst walking in the historic Chat Moss, offering an analysis of the physical.  The decision to create the drawing in charcoal connects to the underlying geology of the place, the view unseen.  Finally the hand drawn mark allows me to reintroduce a connection to the aesthetic, to draw on my personal memories of place and experiences of touch.  The very act of making the mark on the surface of the wall carries a connection of place through touch.  Textures, boundaries, stability, pathways walked are all transferred experiences of place.

The transience of the mossland is a characteristic, which requires its visitors to draw on senses and an internal awareness of touch.  'Sensorium' is a temporary installation, a brief encounter with an imagining of place.  In a world of fast moving technological advances and equipment which can locate and direct us anywhere in the world, it is important to value places which sit quietly shifting and evading our control.