Impact 12 – The Printmakers Voice.

The Centre for Print Research UWE, will be hosting IMPACT 12 multidisciplinary printmaking conference, The Printmakers’ Voice, 21-25 September 2022.

I am delighted to be one of this years Keynote speakers sharing my recent projects and research as we discuss the post-pandemic voice.

Letters to the Void – Sites of Exchange.

Perceptions of landscape are determined by our geographic place in the world, formed through historical, social and cultural contexts.  Our experience of landscape is predominantly led by vision, learned instincts, for many often seeking the desirable view.  The restrictions of 2020 created a need to re-evaluate our terms of engagement with the world, the physical spaces we could explore became smaller.  With normal boundaries and time suspended, new interactions enabled the potential to explore as never before.

Letters to the void is a conversation about relationships with people, places and materials, conversations which speak directly to the imperceptible energies, which inform our experiences but, which often exceed our ability to capture or represent them.  It is a conversation with subterranean landscapes, the invisible shaping the visible.

This presentation seeks to explore the notion of my post pandemic voice, how the void created by the pandemic was also a catalyst for new approaches to image making, and to maybe consider it as a new potential lens to look at how the intersectionality of experience, connection and investigation weave through my practice.

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