Tracy Hill - Location


Tracy Hill has been commissioned by Culture Warrington to produce a new artwork installation which explores Warrington’s curious places. This original work has been installed here at Pyramid as part of Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2013.The title of the work ‘Location’ implies many things; site, place, locale, setting, situation, position, tracking down, finding, discovery.

Working with the Library archive and collections Hill identified 15 places in which to walk around Warrington, some were transient spaces – green spaces in the midst of housing and road systems used to connect places and people and some were quiet spaces inviting you to consider the landscape and the stories held within it.This installation of 15 hand printed panel’s maps and records those walks.

The very nature of layering images and of building surfaces in the work resonates with the years of history held within our landscape and its communities reflecting a natural palimpsest.
In these pieces memory and landscape interweave, revealing familiar landscapes and the topography which resonates within

Tracy Hill - Location


The Pyramid, Warrington – 2013