Erygmascope – Stratum

Erygmascope is a collaboration between Tracy Hill, artist, Ralph Hoyte, poet and writer, and Phill Phelps, musician, coder and audio-engineer. Commissioned by Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Carbon Landscape and City of Trees this is an online creative response to the Covid-19 lock down.

The title is taken from the name of a late 19th-century piece of apparatus designed for the examination of the strata of earth. The curiosity of looking beyond the surface and providing a view unseen has grown out of on-going discussions between the artists (Hill, Hoyte, Phelps) over the last two years whilst working onStratum.

Erygmascope offers a 15sec-long weekly snapshot of Hill, Hoyte and Phelps considered sonic and visual responses to ‘landscape’, and especially to liminal wetland environments.

Erygmascope is one layer of their Stratum project, which derives its inspiration from liminal landscapes, with a particular emphasis on artistic/literary/auditory re-interpretations and representations of wetland ecologies.



Link to Carbon Landscape YouTube channel HERE.



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