ECHTRAI JOURNAL EDITION 1: landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, mythic

Echtrai -According to the Irish of the Celtic pagan tradition, an echtrai refers to a broad category of mythic journeying, usually undertaken by a ‘hero’, and very often to the ‘Otherworld’. 

There are many and varied flavours of echtrai, some involving encounters with strange, otherworldly beings, undersea creatures, spirits, and secret or hidden lands. There are numerous interpretations and spellings of the word itself,  but here, we deploy it in very sweeping, poetic terms in order to qualify it as the title of a journal dedicated to landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten and mythic. 

The earth is a vast archive, a catalogue of activity and events that spans the epochs, encompassing everything that we know and likely ever will know – layers upon layers, each layer containing and encapsulating the moments of its occurrence, each layer a caché of memory, history, and things long gone, faded into an evanescent past.

As part of this first edition my essay Letters to the Void inspired by my ACE funded project Porosity is featured.

FORMAT: A5, Perfect Bound, 105 PAGES.

PRICE: £12.50 + £4.00 (UK) postage and packaging

PUBLICATION DATE – TBC – December 2021 / January 2022

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