ECHTRAI JOURNAL EDITION 1: landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, mythic

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Echtrai -According to the Irish of the Celtic pagan tradition, an echtrai refers to a broad category of mythic journeying, usually undertaken by a ‘hero’, and very often to the ‘Otherworld’.  There are many and varied flavours of echtrai, some involving encounters with strange, otherworldly [...]

Imprint – autumn 2019, volume 54 number 2

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Delighted to have printed works and drawing installation featured in this quarters Imprint journal. Seeing wetlands: The Overwintering Project and works by Mulkun Wirrpanda, John Wolseley and Tracy Hill Artists whose work has a focus on environmental concerns , especially fragile wetlands, can help effect change. [...]

Polymer Photogravure

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I am extremely excited to have my work and practice featured in this new publication  Polymer Photogravure by Clay Harmon.  Polymer Photogravure is a Step-by-Step Manual Highlighting Artists and Their Creative Practice is a three-part book on the non-toxic process of making ink-on-paper intaglio prints from continuous-tone [...]